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Our state-of-the-art hydrogen liquefiers range from 10 kilograms per day to 1,000 tonnes per day of liquid hydrogen production capacity. 100+ years of combined experiences optimize new patented designs to ensure best-in-class performance and reliability. H2Prime liquefiers are safe, compact, stackable, modular, deployable, and mass-producible to lower CAPEX and OPEX.

Alpha(α) Series


Alpha series hydrogen liquefiers provide flexible LH2 production capacity up to 100 kg per day with Plug-N-Go convenience for small LH2 quantity users. A unique multi-cryocooler-driven design offers extreme portability and easy operation while maintaining the highest efficiency of 30 kWh per 1 kg of LH2 in its class.


The system can be easily mounted on ISO containers and trucks and deployed on project sites with minimum installation time. The automated hydrogen recirculation loop provides efficient direct hydrogen liquefaction and zero hydrogen loss for unlimited storage time. For all the alpha series, multiple safety devices and emergency shut-down come as standard safety features. LN2 precooler and ortho-para hydrogen converter are optional to increase liquefaction and storage performance. 

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Alpha Series Hydrogen Liquefiers

Alpha series are perfect all-in-one LH2 solution for your LH2 projects included, but not limited to,      

  • Lab scale LH2 production facility for R&D projects

  • A small fleet of LH2 powered drone refueling

  • Integration with On-site hydrogen production and LH2 storage system

  • Mobile LH2 refueling station

Beta(β) Series


H2Prime has accumulated extensive experience on various hydrogen liquefaction plant designs for decades. Recently, H2Prime has successfully developed a novel reverse-Brayton helium refrigeration cycle which doesn’t require any LN2 or LNG precooler for hydrogen liquefaction plant. The so-called “Dry” hydrogen liquefier design significantly reduces system complexity, CAPEX and OPEX compared to conventional hydrogen liquefaction plants while demonstrating the same or higher efficiency as traditional LN2/LNG precooled LH2 plant.


Beta series hydrogen liquefaction plant employs the innovative “Dry” LH2 plant design that can provide LH2 production capacity of 0.1~ 1 ton per day at high efficiency. Hydrogen feed gas is separated from the helium refrigeration loop to accept lower purity hydrogen feed gas. It also provides a dedicated cooling loop for long-term zero-boil-off LH2 storage (IRaS) in large-scale ground storage tanks.


In Q3 2021, we have proudly delivered a complete design and engineering package for the optimized 1 TPD “Dry” LH2 plant to one of the fastest-growing hydrogen infrastructure solution providers in the world, GenH2 Corp., USA. Employing the 1 TPD Dry LH2 plant, GenH2’s on-site hydrogen production, liquefaction, and refueling station would be a game-changer in the hydrogen infrastructure industry in the upcoming years.   


Beta Series has many unique features including, but not limited to,

  • The world 1st precooler-free, “Dry” hydrogen liquefier – No LN2/LNG required at the operation site

  • Modular, deployable, stackable skid design

  • Easy transport / installation / maintenance cryostat design

  • Optimized ballast/recovery gas management system

  • Optimized impurity adsorbers for easy and low maintenance

  • Fully automated PLC control and monitoring system

  • Optional Ortho-Para hydrogen converters



  • Stationary / Mobile Hydrogen Refueling Station for cars, trucks, and rails

  • On-site hydrogen production and LH2 storage (ESS)

  • LH2 bunkering for ships and boats

  • LH2 refueling station for drones, air taxi and Urban Aerial Mobility


Beta Series Hydrogen Liquefiers  

Gamma(γ) Series


H2Prime is the leading LH2 value chain solution company with decades of R&D experience in hydrogen liquefaction plant design. The Gamma Series hydrogen liquefaction plant has been re-optimized for LH2 production capacity of  5 ~ 30 TPD systems.


This modified Claude hydrogen liquefaction cycle demonstrates high efficiency of 11.5 kWh per 1 kg of liquid hydrogen. The system consists of reciprocating hydrogen compressors, expansion turbines, heat exchangers with LN2 precooling, expansion valves, and ortho-para hydrogen converters as major components. Hydrogen feed gas is purified and combined with the hydrogen of the refrigeration process. The Gamma Series provides a separate cooling loop to control boil-off gas in large capacity ground storage tanks (zero-boil-off) as a standard feature. 

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Gamma Series Hydrogen Liquefiers


  • Regional LH2 production plant and LH2 tank lorry distribution 

  • Large Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) 

  • Large scale LH2 storage for ESS

  • Fuel Cell power generation plant

  • Liquid hydrogen bunkering

Tera(T) Series


According to the Hydrogen Council, a United Nations entity under the World Economic Forum, hydrogen is projected to contribute greatly to the transportation sector with around 150 MTPA (million tonnes per annual), the industrial sector with around 110 MTPA, followed by power generation with around 140 MTPA, and others. Therefore, large-scale hydrogen production, transport, and storage are essential to meet the rising demand for hydrogen. In order to meet the upcoming necessity of large-scale hydrogen transport and storage, H2Prime is under development of extreme-scale, high efficiency, Tera Series hydrogen liquefaction plant with LH2 production capacity of 100~1,000 tonnes per day.

Conventional Brayton and Claude liquefaction cycle use turbo-expanders in their systems which are cold moving parts running at very high speed. These turbo types of machinery require a very high level of engineering experience in design and manufacturing. As a result, all turbo-expanders are 100% custom-designed, expensive to manufacture, and also have a long lead time to develop and deliver to customers. 

The Tera Series hydrogen liquefaction plant based on modified Cascade Joule-Thompson hydrogen liquefaction cycle is cascaded by multiple Linde-Hampson refrigeration cycles with various refrigerants. Hence, the hydrogen feed gas is cooled in multi-staged heat exchangers and Joule-Thompson valves to produce a large capacity of liquid hydrogen with no cold moving parts at high efficiency. The Tera hydrogen liquefaction plant guarantees easy scalability, high efficiency, and reliability to meet the tough engineering requirements of MTPA class LH2 production plant. 


  • MTPA scale LH2 production plant


Modified Casecade Joule-Thomson cycle