The IHRS (Integrated Hydrogen Refueling Station) consists of multiple modules of hydrogen production, compression, liquefaction, storage and dispensing in a single block. It accepts on-site hydrogen production module or large quantity LH2 storage module as hydrogen source. Any electrolyzer, SMR, pyrolysis, or hyrolysis module can be easily connected to compressor or liquefier module in the IHRS. Compressed or liquid hydrogen are efficiently stored and safely dispensed to all the hydrogen mobility applications and FC power generation

IHRS - Integrated Hydrogen Refueling Station

  • Capacity

    • Scalable refueling capacity over 1 ton per day

  • Technology

    • Optimized hydrogen liquefaction cycle

    • Cryogen treatment

    • Zero loss

    • Zero boil off

    • IRaS

    • Various production method adaptable

  • Features

    • Multiple safety devices and emergency shut-down feature included

    • Plug-N-Go Simple installation and modular design

    • Easily deployable from any production method to dispensing

    • Zero Loss with 100% recovery using Quick Connect

    • Easy to use - anyone can handle without protection gear like gloves and aprons

    • Zero boil off with NASA proven IRaS technology 

    • Hybrid refueling - Liquid and gaseous hydrogen can be refueled using one dispenser simultaneously 

  • Options

    • On-site production

    • others...need to add

    • Hybrid dispenser

  • Applications      

    • LH2 Station

    • On-site hydrogen production,storage, and use

    • Hybrid (LH2+GH2) Hydrogen Station

H2 Dispenser