H2Prime provides one-stop hydrogen aerial mobility solution for multi-copter, fixed-wing, and air-taxi. Ultralight hydrogen powerpack outperforms battery power extending flight time, distance, and payload. The flight control, ground control system, and automated platform optimize mission flights for surveillance, logistics, military, and industrial duties. Ultralight with super-strong composite body kits with unibody design allows the flight in harsh environments.

LH1 -Multi Purpose Quadcopter


H2Prime is very pleased to announce the world's 1st commercial LH2-powered drone. Employing ultralight PEM fuel cell and the 2nd generation LH2 tank in high strength carbon fiber composite body, LH1 offers the record-breaking 4-5 hours of mission flight time, 350 km of flight distance with a large payload of 5-7kg.

  • Features

    • Optimized for police, border patrol, coast guard, forest watch and etc. 

    • Class-leading 4-5 hours of flight duration and 300 km+ of flight distance

    • Superb capability with class-leading payload for long-range package delivery 

    • Ultralight unibody enables stable flights even in harsh weather conditions

  • Specification

    • Dimension:   W 1,700 L 2,230 H 462 (mm)

    • Power Pack:  2.4 kw Fuel Cell with 1,100 mAh backup battery

    • Fuel Tank:     12 L LH2 Tank, Compressed Hydrogen Tank compatible

    •  Drone Body:  Ultra light high strength Composite Carbon Fiber 

    •  Max Payload:  5 - 7 kg   

    •  Total Weight:  19.5 kg (with 5 kg Payload)

    • *Flight Duration: 4 - 5 Hours

    • *Flight Speed: Cruising Speed 60 km/h & Max Speed 120 km/h

    • *Flight Distance : 250 - 350 km

*data simulated from flight simulation program, actual performance data may vary


LH1 Quadcopter Drone

Hydrogen Aerial Mobility Platform (HAMP)


H2Prime opens up a new generation of Hydrogen Aerial Mobility by introducing Hydrogen Aerial Mobility Platform. Fully automated HAMP serves as a multicopter hangar, launching pad and landing base, auxiliary battery charger, onsite communication tower,  and control center.  


  • Features

    • Automated platform operation with AI solutions via LTE, Satelite, RF

    • Accurate landing guide with RTK GPS system & position sensors 

    •  Integration with LH2 refueling station / Compressed H2 refueling compatible

    • Fast charger for Aux battery system

    • Customizable for various sizes and shapes of drones

    • The Cargo bay with automated loading system with AI robotics

    • Mountable in ISO standard container and commercial trucks for fast deployment, installation, and operation


Hydrogen Aerial Mobility Platform (HAMP)

Strato F -Fixed Wing Scouter


Strato F is the 2nd generation fixed-wing drone equipped with the 2nd generation LH2 power pack. An impressive payload of 7 kg and 24+ hrs of incredible continuous flight time is a total game-changer in any commercial, industrial, and military drone mission. Extreme mission flight distance of up to 1,600 km can change definitions of mission strategy for numerous missions and operations.

  • Features

    • The 2nd generation hydrogen-powered fixed-wing drone evolved from its predecessor, Strato X powered by battery 

    • World-class flight duration up to 24+hours with cruising speed of 100-150 km/h

    • Reconnaissance duty for both industrial security and military operations

    • Best suited for long-range package delivery

  • Specification

    • Dimension:   W 5,000 L 3,900 H 462 (mm)

    • Power Pack:  2.4 kW Fuel Cell with twin 1,100 mAh backup battery

    • Fuel Tank:     13 L LH2 Tank, Compressed Hydrogen Tank compatible

    •  Drone Body:  Ultralight high strength Composite Carbon Fiber 

    •  Max Payload:  5 - 7 kg   

    •  Total Weight:  23 - 30 kg (with 7 kg Payload)

    • *Flight Duration: 24+ Hours

    • *Flight Speed: Cruising Speed 80 km/h & Max Speed 160 km/h

    • *Flight Distance : 1,200 - 1,600 km

*data simulated from flight simulation program, actual performance data may vary


Strato F- Fixed Wing Scouter

Strato H - Hybrid E VTOL Drone


2nd generation VTOL hybrid drone with liquid hydrogen power pack

  • Features

    • A hydrogen powered E-VTOL evolved from the battery powered Strato X

    • Vertical takeoff and landing at any site with tilt rotor technologies 

    • Ultra light and strength composite material sorix is applied for the drone body.

    • Reconnaissance duties not only for industrial securities but also military operations

    • With payload up to 7 kg, Strato H is best suited for long range package deliveries

    • Optimized for various missions with the world class flight duration and distance

  • Specification

    • Dimension:   W 6,000 L 5,200 H 462 (mm)

    • Power Pack:  2.4 kW fuel cell with twin 1100 mAh backup battery

    • Fuel Tank:     20L LH2 Tank, compressed hydrogen tank compatible

    •  Drone Body:  ultra light high strength composite carbon fiber 

    •  Max Payload:  5 - 7 kg   

    •  Total Weight:  32 - 39 kg (with 7 kg Payload)

    • *Flight Duration: 24+ Hours

    • *Flight Speed: cruising speed 100 km/h & max Speed 160 km/h

    • *Flight Distance : 1,500 - 2,000 km

*data simulated from flight simulation program, actual performance data may vary


Strato H - Hybrid E VTOL Drone


Strato H  Tilt Rotor System


The first generation battery powered VTOL Strato X  at the test site with KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) 


Flight Control & Ground Control System

​The state-of-the-art software for flight operation conduct maximizing mission precision with great readability whether preprogrammed or real-time. 

  • Features

    • Optimized software for mission flights 

    • Planning flight path and mission device controls

    • Real-time monitoring with data received from the mission flights 

    • Optional 3D Playback Map for mission flight reviews 

    • Graphic display for the flight path accuracy check

    • Rugged cases for field operations available

    • Up to 16 units can be controlled simultaneously


Triple Monitor Mobile GCS with Rugged Box Carrier


Flight Path Planning


GCS Software Overview